Designed specifically for the Hospitality segment, tailored to suit the needs of Businesses and Guests alike, the VENPARTNER program unlocks all the powerful feature-sets of Cryptocurrency bringing you one stop closer to a seamless and well defined growth metric from the ground up.

The VENPARTNER NFT has been crafted to allow for any and all financial throughput that we expect our Customers to require:

- OTC Services
- P2P Services
- Blockchain PoS
- Fees and other Emoluments
- Relationship Management
- Loyalty and Rewards
- Multi-Currency
- Quick Liquidity

Leverage the power of Cryptocurrency to improve your bottom line and enhance the wow factor for your guests



The NFT collections found below are a dedication to the VENARMY and embody the spirit of Vendetta, a silent uprising against all the injustice the average investor suffers through the course of his savings journey in the hope of a better future. Our way of thanking the community for their support. The only trait and rarity we want to espouse is one of mass uprising and total decentralization in addition to use cases and benefits ranging from APR boosts on our pools, private access to Governance Discord channels, first mover advantage on any features or benefits that the Protocol offers.

We hope the holders of this NFT are able to fully grasp that ideas, are bullet proof.

  • 1000 Limited Edition 3D Carbon VENARMY NFTs minted
  • Guy Fawkes imagery symbolizing the spirit of rebellion
  • Carbon on Blood splatter signifying Ideas are Bulletproof
  • Listed for free to build the spirit of decentralization
  • 2 % APR boost on VEN Pools
  • First mover advantage on Protocol features
  • Groundstaff layer of Protocol Governance
  • 25 Rare VENOG NFTs minted in 3D Carbon
  • 16 airdropped for free to OG VEN holders from the Copper LBP
  • 9 to be auctioned on OpenSea and other Marketplaces
  • Proceeds from sale utilized to buy and burn VEN
  • 8.7 % VEN burnt at the outset post airdrop
  • Each NFT is a rare and unique blend of Guy Fawkes on Carbon
  • Only 2 Oval NFTs exist from the mint of 25
  • Features the Vendetta Finance logo with a dug sword for 'V'
  • Each NFT is uniquely numbered for ease of identification
  • Carbon on Blood splatter signifying Ideas are Bulletproof
  • 30% APR boost on VEN Pools
  • Protocol fees of 10% on returns waived for all Pools
  • Membership to the Private Discord channel for governance

The Signature NFT Auction is now live on OpenSea.

Each auction will last 24 hours. Unauctioned NFTs at the end of the tenure will be discarded.

Winning bids on the placeholder need only to furnish their ENS in order to receive their freshly minted Signature NFTs as shown in the mock up.

Proceeds from the Auction will be utilized to Buyback and Burn VEN in addition to adding VEN LP Tokens.

Gatepass Signature NFTs are numbered and identified by unique ENS. Reserved for the top echelon of Vendetta. The holders of this NFT will enjoy all the privileges included in VENARMY and VENOG apart from bearing the additional responsibility of being the custodians of a MultiSig Treasury that defines, runs and manages the Protocol day to day and a host of other features and benefits.

20 overall will be minted. 15 will be made available. 5 Reserved for persons of interest.