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A new era of crypto investments has arrived

The story begins at some of the leading banks in the TradFi world, and traverses through the blurry lines of cryptographic adventures undertaken for fun, leading to a serious initiative to bring about change, having felt and endured the frustration shared by many, of what this space should be


Tokens for free market consumption


Locked for Protocol Functions


Unlocked for Development



4 Key Milestones on the Roadmap

By the turn of the next financial cycle, the expectation is to have a robust governance and operational structure designed to do one thing, win

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This phase will see us set up the VEN token and engage with the community to spread awareness on the feature set. To that effect, Liquidity Bootstrapping, Treasury initialization and Fund allocations will commence. Exit phase Q3'22

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Execute Decentralization

This phase will see us execute the plan of action with fully functional staking pools for the hedge fund to manage. Multi-Sig treasury to be incubated via limited edition NFT holdings that can be bought by users via auction of VEN LP Tokens. The NFT holders will be responsible for the Treasury and other Governance matters by Q4'22

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Seek & Deploy

Marketing pushes and protocol awareness should see us gaining traction in the high yield space as we seek to build on the existing Treasury and set up yield generators across the ecosystem. This will be a period of seeking newer entrants to the ecosystem and increasing the TVL exponentially. With the right effort we should be able to cross this terrain by Q1'23

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Handover full functionality to a well set up DAO to run and execute most of the auto-pilot functions of the protocol. This is where the limited edition NFT holders will require to step up and meet operational challenges head on to ensure we remain on track and well insulated from any external or unforeseen financial cycles. The expectation is to exit this phase by Q3'23

Take a look at what Vendetta Finance is bringing to Defi

Single User stable farms governed only by the amount of VEN held. Fixed term stakes with pre-defined returns baked into the protocol. Multi-point failure checks to ensure protocol health. Multi-Sig Treasury to manage financial health. VEN by itself to exhibit deflationary characteristics by encouraging APR boosts for LP providers. VEN LP Tokens to be used for purchasing Multi-Sig Treasury access NFTs. All leading to a lower circulating supply with multiple lock ups and additional incentives to stake for APR boosts.

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Bridging the DeFI - TradFi gap

Best of both worlds finance protocol
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Stable yield minus inflation

VEN solves the problem of Trad DeFi
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One User One Farm

Secure and Risk Free

What APR is on offer?

We offer a simple tier based system where the percentage of VEN held by the user determines the yield on offer. Therefore higher the VEN holding, higher the APR available for consumption. Top tier VEN holders will enjoy a reasonable APR of 150%. Refer this medium article for details

What is the staking duration?

Users will be offered pre-defined pools set to 30, 60, 90, and 180 days. APR will be paid out pro-rata depending on the chosen duration. Users are expected to lock VEN ownership through the course of the staking calendar in order to receive full benefits. NFT holdings found sold will render APR boost as null and void.

Note: Vendetta has no control over the pool locks and therefore cannot help with ad-hoc requests of unlocking the same. You are responsible to choose your amount and duration accordingly

Are there any hidden charges or fees? 

There ore no hidden charges other than a 10% commission on returns deducted at source prior to payout. Refer this medium article for details

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Get started

We begin the process in earnest. The VEN Token is now available for accumulation. Feel free to browse through what Vendetta Finance is all about. If you like what we are building, head over and join the Team