Earn up to 150% APR on our custom farms

Vendetta is on a mission to bring DeFi to the masses without the risks of hyper-inflation or ponzinomics. In a back to the grassroots approach, the protocol redefines risk management and portfolio rebalancing to generate the highest multi-chain yield for users.

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Why Vendetta Finance?

Because beneath this mask, there is an idea. And ideas are bullet proof -V

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One Wallet One Farm

Say goodbye to the ponzinomics of joining inflationary herds with fake yields offered without any real revenue generation for the protocol. Manage your own private farm hassle-free and conveniently with peace of mind

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Multi-Chain exposure

Regardless of the chain you prefer to reside on. Vendetta will do the heavy lifting for you to generate the highest possible returns across ETH, BSC, AVAX, SOL and other chains redirected to the network of your choice, at no extra fees

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Stable Growth

Wealth generation is a time consuming and long term process which requires a good blend of alacrity and judicious planning. Vendetta will blend the menu cards comprising short term, medium term and long term prospects for you to make an informed decision

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Comprehensive Governance

The Vendetta protocol operates a closed loop ventricle that is designed to be self sufficient from the get go. The governance itself is decentralized and operated with minimal need for oversight, utilizing best practices of DAO and Multi-Sig decision making capabilities

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Privacy & Security

In true spirit of cryptography, all communications, interactions, emoluments, and interfaces, are private and secure in order to maintain discretionary privileges for users of the Protocol. As ex bankers, the team is well aware of how to secure financial infrastructure

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Products & Services

Leverage bankless DeFi solutions tailored for both Crypto and Non-Crypto participants to enjoy the benefits of faster throughput, better liquidity, improved margins and seamless operational excellence. Get the Vendetta edge for your business



Welcome to the new age

Vendetta Finance aims to lead the way forward as the next cycle emerges from the throes of recession and financial gloom. We expect the changes we bring to the table as first movers today, to be the norm in the industry tomorrow. We are a KYC project at the outset

What APR is on offer?

We offer a simple tier based system where the percentage of VEN held by the user determines the yield on offer. Therefore higher the VEN holding, higher the APR available for consumption. Top tier VEN holders will enjoy a reasonable APR of 150%

What is the staking duration?

Users will be offered pre-defined pools set to 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days. APR will be paid out pro-rata depending on the chosen duration. Users are expected to retain VEN ownership through the course of the staking calendar in order to receive full benefits. VEN holdings found sold will render returns as null and void

Are there any hidden charges or fees? 

There ore no hidden charges other than a 10% commission on returns deducted at source prior to payout.

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